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The project has four main lines:

1) Competences (generic and specific)
2) Approaches to teaching, learning, and assessment
3) Credits
4) Quality of programmes

Line 1 - Competences (generic and specific)

With respect to generic competences, an attempt is made to identify shared attributes which could come about as a result of gaining any qualification, and which are seen as important by society. There are certain attributes such as a capacity for learning, an ability for analysis and synthesis etc which are common to almost all qualifications.

In addition to analysing generic competences, competences related to each subject area will also be worked on. These competences are crucial for any qualification as they are specifically related with concrete knowledge of a particular subject area. They are also known as expertise and competences related to academic disciplines, and they are what confers identity and consistency to a particular a programme.

Line 2 - Approaches to teaching, learning, and assessment

Translation of competences, both general and specific, is seen as very important within the processes of teaching, learning, and assessment. For this, it is proposed that a series of materials that allow the visualisation of the most efficient ways to teach, learn, and evaluate be prepared, so as to achieve identified learning outcomes and competences. Each student should experiment with a variety of focuses and have acces to different learning contexts, whatever their subject area.

Line 3 - Credits

In this line a great deal of reflection will take place, concerning the link between the skills of the student and the work they produce, and their measuring up to the time calculated for the gaining of academic credits.

Line 4 – Quality of programmes

This line assumes that quality is an integral part of a curriculum based on competences, which is seen as fundamental for working with the other lines. If a group of academics wishes to develop a programme of studies, or redefine one, they need a plurality of elements to assure quality for those programmes and qualifications.



-Available PDF version (Spanish, English and Portuguese) Final Report Tuning América Latina Project: Reflections on and outlook for Higher Education in Latin America.

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