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The ALFA Tuning Latin America Project arises in a context of intense reflection on higher education, both on a regional and a national level. Up until now, Tuning has been a project exclusively for Europe, involving more than 135 European universities, which since 2001 have taken part in a huge amount of work so as to create the European Higher Education Area. During the IVth follow-up meeting of the European Higher Education Area for the European Union, Latin America, and the Carribean (UEALC) in Cordoba in Spain in October 2002, the representatives of Latin America who took part, after listening to a presentation of the results of the first phase of Tuning, suggested the possibility of developing a similar project in Latin America. From this moment, the project began to be prepared, and was presented to the European Commission by a group of European and Latin American at the end of October 2003. It can be said that the Tuning proposal for Latin America is an inter-continental idea, a project that has been nurtured by both European and Latin American academic contributions. The search for consensus is inter-continental too, and unique and universal; the things that change are the people involved and the special situations that arise as a result of each new challenge.

-Available PDF version (Spanish, English and Portuguese) Final Report Tuning América Latina Project: Reflections on and outlook for Higher Education in Latin America.

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